Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Penny Howard - Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

1.)      How long have you been dancing?
“I started Ballroom in 2012.”

2.)    What level of dancing were you when you started?

3.)    What made you want to start taking lessons?
“I think Ballroom is such a beautiful sport. I’ve always wanted to learn and decided that now is as good of a time as any.”

4.)    How did you begin?
“I walked into the studio for an intro lesson with Brian and was competing in my first competition 4 months later.”

5.)    What are you working on now during your lessons?
“I just started learning the Tango and the Foxtrot.”

6.)    What is your favorite dance?

7.)     What do your family and friends think of your dancing?
“They think it is awesome and wish they could do it too.”

8.)    How has dancing changed other aspects of your life?
“Dancing is an awesome challenge and is a testament to anything else that you work towards in life - you get out of it what you put into it.”

9.)    What is your best accomplishment in dance so far?
“I competed in my third competition in August in the International Latin style at the Cincinnati Ballroom Classic.”

10.)    In what ways do you learn the best?
“I learn best by seeing and then visualizing it before practicing.”

11.)    What hobbies or interests do you have other than dancing?
“I love to lift and be in the gym.”

12.)    What are your future plans in dance?
“I would love to continue learning and growing as well as competing. It’s always a great time!”

13.)    Favorite dance movie?
“Dirty Dancing. The original Patrick Swayze…need I say more?”

14.)    Favorite song to dance to?
“Masquenada - hands down!”

15.)    What dance style would you like to learn next?
“The Waltz.”

16.)    Why do you like dancing at the Cincinnati Ballroom Company?
“Brian and Leigh work really hard at perfecting their craft. They are the best in Cincinnati and have a passion for teaching and it shows. It’s been a privilege to have participated in some of the workshops they have offered with Internationally known dancers and choreographers.”