Student of the Month

1.)      How long have you been dancing?
Kyle & Angie “2 years”

2.)    What level of dancing were you when you started?
Kyle & Angie: “Beginner”

3.)    What made you want to start taking lessons?
Kyle: “I’ve had interest in learning to dance for a long time. I wanted to be able to go out and enjoy the social activities in dance.”

Angie: “We saw a couple dancing at the Celestial Steakhouse and wanted to know how to dance like them.”

4.)    How did you begin?
Kyle: “Once I met my girlfriend at the time, ow my wife, she also showed interest in dancing. We interviewed a few studios and chose Leigh at Cincinnati Ballroom and begun to take lessons as a couple so we could go out and enjoy the social activities of dancing. We then began to work on our first dance for our wedding.”

Angie: “We looked up different dance studios and scheduled classes at Cincinnati Ballroom Company.”

5.)    What are you working on now during your lessons?
Kyle: “I’m working on being an all around good dancer. I’m working on being clearer with my leads and staying on beat and time.”

Angie: “Multiple types of dances.”

6.)    What is your favorite dance?
Kyle: “Rumba, Tango”

Angie: “Probably Tango or Rumba.”

7.)     What do your family and friends think of your dancing?
Kyle: “My family and friends are very supportive. My mother loves to dance.”

Angie: “They think that we are really good.”

8.)    How has dancing changed other aspects of your life?
Kyle: “Dancing is my escape away from stress in my life. Dancing is an enjoyable way to spend time with my wife.”

Angie: “Improved confidence.”

9.)    What is your best accomplishment in dance so far?
Kyle: “The best accomplishment in dance so far would be our first dance at our wedding.”

Angie: “Our 1st dance for our wedding.”

10.)    In what ways do you learn the best?
Kyle: “I learn the best with one on one teaching. Repetition is the key for me. Motivation to keep trying and encouragement always helps.”

Angie: “By doing the steps myself. I’m a hands on learner.”

11.)    What hobbies or interests do you have other than dancing?
Kyle: “I like to play and watch other sports for fun. I also enjoy boating and water sports. My wife and I enjoy traveling and visiting different places.”

Angie: “Photography, traveling, hiking, reading, movies, almost anything with family and friends.”

12.)    What are your future plans in dance?
Kyle: “Right now, I would like to master my current dance steps and keep improving.”

Angie: “Keep learning, keep dancing.”

13.)    Favorite dance movie?
Kyle: “Scent of a Woman.”

Angie: “Save the Last Dance, Honey, or Step Up.”

14.)    Favorite song to dance to?
Kyle: “I don’t really have a favorite dance song. I like to dance to all kinds of music. But to pick a song I would have to say, “Prayer for the Road” by Eli Yound Band. It was the song my wife and I dance to for our first dance at our wedding.”

Angie: “Our wedding dance was “Prayer for the Road” by Eli Young Band and our first showcase was “Marvin Gaye” by Charlie Puth so those two songs stand out the most but it’s hard to pick just one.”

15.)    What dance style would you like to learn next?
Kyle: “I would like to learn more Waltz.”

Angie: “Viennese Waltz”

16.)    Why do you like dancing at the Cincinnati Ballroom Company?
Kyle: “ I enjoy every minute of our lessons with Leigh and Brian. They truly have a gift in dancing and teaching. I feel very honored they take the time and effort to teach me and share their skills.”

Angie: “Leigh and Brian are exceptional dancers and very patient as teachers but they are also a lot of fu to be around.”